Sennheiser MKH20

Just one outdoor sample here. Some time ago I hired a pair of Sennheiser MKH 20s to do some music recording work, but for some reason they did not work at all well with the Edirol R4 recorder I was using them with. However, when I took them outdoors plugged into the HHB Portadisc they worked fine and turned in the nice sample given here. The recording was made in a country lane next to a pond and includes birds of various pitches, calls and splashing from a Moorhen, and distant human conversation. Mics were hand-held and not always pointing in the same direction.

Sennheiser MKH20 extracts 2.5 Mb mp3, 160 kb/s, 16/44.1

There'll be more MKH 20 recordings when one day maybe I have a pair of my own. For anyone not sure, they're omnidirectional mics . . . and very expensive.


(Page revised Oct 2006. This replaces the discussion of the MKH 20/Edirol R4 "mismatch" posted here previously)

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