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Introduction and Index

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Sandy the Barn Owl and the Barn Owl Trust, Devon

Page 2

Oh you beautiful owl. Why are owls so appealing? Includes pics and recordings of owls at the local rescue centre (Great Horned, European and Bengal Eagle Owls)

Page 3

Owls at the local rescue centre -- long page with lots of pics and some recordings

Page 4

A wild Tawny Owl from Vugrovec in Croatia photographed by Vesna Zadravec

Pages 4a-4c

The story of a wild tawny brood from Hrsovo, Croatia (story and photos courtesy of Darkec)

Page 5

More on the wild tawny from Vugrovec, Croatia, and the contents of some Tawny Owl pellets

Page 6

Tawny Owls at the rescue centre

Page 7

A cute young Fraser's Eagle Owl from Ghana (photos courtesy of Aidan Schoonbee and The Owl Pages)

Page 8

Sushi, the remarkable Barred Owl from Florida (photos courtesy of Ellen Ensley)

Page 9

A review of The Hidden World, the Barred Owl DVD from OwlCam

Page 10

A melanistic tawny from Croatia

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