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A big Swiss nestbox project

Dani Studler runs a large nestbox project in Switzerland — currently with around 60 boxes in 96 square kilometers of woodland! Part of the interest here is the demonstration that tawnies actually seem to prefer plastic cannisters to traditional wooden boxes if offered the choice что посмотреть в Кисловодске самостоятельно. This isn't the first time I've heard this claim. The obvious advantage of such containers is that they're light, cheap, readily available and easily converted for use by owls. Their light weight must be a big advantage when it comes to fixing them to trees.

The Cambridgeshire Owls — early breeders in 2007

This owl pair have been using a nestbox in a private garden in east central England for some years. In 2005 and 2006 the female laid very early for British tawnies, but in 2007 she started her brood on the remarkably early date of 20th January. The subsequent story of this unusual but successful breeding attempt is illustrated with pics from the internal and external nestcams.


Clive and Dana's owls in a suburban Leicestershire garden

A pair of tawnies who used to nest in a neighbour's willow tree were enticed into using a nest box that had been put up about 18 months earlier. Like the Cambridgeshire owls, this pair show how an increasing number of tawnies seem to be perfectly happy with life in quite suburban areas. Interestingly, they also began their breeding effort rather early — in the first week of February compared to the national average of about 20 March.

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