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Corinne and I edit and typeset books and journals for a living, something we’ve been doing for many years. We specialize in technical stuff, science and math. Our work website is Special Edition Pre-press Services.

Corinne is multitalented and has a second career. Sometimes I think it’s her first! She’s a singer. Among other things she provides a much-used website, DepList, for classical singers seeking opportunities in London or, alternatively, for concert masters looking for a singer to fill an unexpected gap in a programme. Over the past couple of years she’s also been working hard at bringing out cds of Debussy, Fauré and Vierne song cycles where she is the singer and Jonathan Cohen is the pianist. Excerpts from all these songs can be found on Corinne’s cd site. (There are also many samples in the Microphones section of this website.) As if that wasn't enough, Corinne does an impressive musical blog at bonne-chanson.blogspot.com.

We’re city-dwellers -- we both live and work in London. So what’s the connection with the Kent countryside? The answer is that quite coincidentally our families have homes locally . . . from which the owls can be heard almost any night.


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