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A bit of a redundant page at the moment as the only known owls in our immediate area are tawnies and littles. But it's needed to complete the structure of the site . . .

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(very few in our area)

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The Owl Gallery isn't really part of the Birds or local owls sections as it's intended for non-local or non-indigenous owls as well. Here's a guide to the contents.

Index page

Page 1: Sandy, my adopted Barn Owl

Page 2: Bengal and European Eagle Owls and Great Horned Owl in a nearby rescue centre

Page 3: Pics of owls from the local rescue centre

Page 4: A wonderful wild tawny from Croatia

Pages 4a-c: Story of three tawny fledglings from Croatia

Page 5: Owl pellets

Page 6: Tawny Owls at the rescue centre

Page 7: A juvenile Fraser's Eagle Owl from Ghana

Page 8: Sushi the Barred Owl from Florida

Page 9: A review of the OwlCam DVD The Hidden World

Bengal Eagle Owl on page 2 of the Owl Gallery