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Nov 2007: Navigation has been improved and the appearance of the site tweaked after an upgrade of the website software (Freeway).



About this website

Section you're currently in. The Site Map page is the plainest guide to the site.


News items

A miscellany of news items, many bird- or owl-related, that caught the eye in 2007. Will be continued in 2008.



For miscellaneous scribblings.


Owl Gallery

Confusing, as it's not part of the Birds or Owls sections. Intended as a place for pics of any owls, including non-indigenous owls. Now has an Index on page 1.



Only Birds and Insects open at the moment. Birds is for sound recordings of our local birdies rather than photos as I don't really do that kind of photo. I couldn't hope to compete with the stunning pics already there on the internet.

The Birds Main Page lists and links the contents of the Birds section.

The Insects Main Page does same for that section (currently only Beetles and Dragonflies).

The Birds section has the owls chiefly of course Tawny Owls:


Tawny Owls:

Navigate from the Tawny Owls Main Page. The two big sections are Nestboxes for Tawny Owls and the Tawny Owl Nesting Diary 2006. This year's nesting events are being reported in the Tawny Owl Nesting Diary 2008. The 2006 diary has many of the Tawny Owl recordings, which are easily found from the Index of Tawny Owl recordings. The Cambridgeshire Owls is another nesting piece, illustrated with webcam stills, about a pair of tawnies that started a family on 20 Jan 2007. The new Tawny Owl Calls is going to be as complete an inventory of calls as I can make it. Feature Articles has five items on tree hole formation, why chicks fall from nests, the first 100 days in a tawny chick's development, care and release of orphans, and imprinting. Tawny Owl References has a collection of works available on the internet, all linked to a full text or abstract. Thanks to Jevgeni Shergalin there's now a list of conventionally published works in (mainly) Russian.

Our Owls, about our orphaned owls, gives an idea how we came to be involved with these remarkable creatures. In August 2008 we released two former rescuees and are following their progress. The story starts here: Release of two Tawny Owls.



Navigate from the Equipment Main Page. Now actually contains at least mentions of most of the equipment I haul into the woods.

Microphones is the largest equipment section, with many musical clips recorded to compare the mics I use with a well-known reference microphone, the Neumann TLM 103. Also now up are recorders and cameras.



The Human Dimension section is intended (come the day) for the unavoidable other side of the nice, innocent natural history picture -- the influence of humans. So a wide range of subjects from historical background to how this area of countryside is run today. A main aim here will be to throw light on the political, demographic and other factors that will determine whether it can survive in its present form. One really does wonder.

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